Self Care Books

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Medical Self Care

Medical Self Care is a common term to describe the series of events that take place when an individual is experiencing a physical or mental health symptom.  A self care book is a tool that can help that individual make a better, more informed decision about how to go about treating their symptom.  

Who uses Self Care Books?

Self Care Books are designed to be used by the lay person, with no medical knowledge necessary.  Because they have been proven to get people to the appropriate level of care within the health care system, thus reducing unnecessary utilization, and saving money, many organizations like to provide them to their employees/members. 

Manage care organizations stand to benefit by their members making more informed decisions about their health care. 

Companies benefit by their employees missing work less often and reducing unnecessary doctor and E.R. visits.

Self Care Books been proven to reduce health care costs by getting people to the appropriate level of care. 

This leads to a reduction in unnecessary utilization.