Self Care Books

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Self Care Books are Ideal for:


Companies use self care books to hand out to their employee population.  This is often done through a company wellness program or health management strategy.  Self Care Books are the single best health education tool that you can provide to your employees.  Self Care Books teach employees to make better decisions about how to treat physical and mental symptoms that they are experiencing, thus being able to seek the appropriate level of care.  Companies see a great return on investment with Self Care Books because employees are less likely to utilize services such as the doctor or E.R. unnecessarily.  Self Care Books are also very effective at getting people into care when they would have otherwise ignored symptoms.  We have many documented cases where the use of a Self Care Book saved an employee's life-- you can read some of those stories here: Self Care Book Saves Lives.


Managed care organizations and insurance companies see great benefits in providing Self Care Books to their member population.  Certainly, members who are wiser health consumers, are less likely to abuse medical services.  Healthcare entities want nothing more than for their members to make educated decisions about receiving the appropriate level of care, at the appropriate time, and Self Care Books are the single best way to provide that education. 


Government agencies have had great success in utilizing Self Care Books.  State, county, and local governments use Self Care Books with their employee populations and see the same benefits that a company would see for their employees. 

All branches of the military have also had great success in using Self Care Books.  The Army uses Self Care Books with their active duty and distributes the books on their bases.  The Army has also used a custom Self Care Book designed for basic training to reduce unnecessary time in the clinic. 

The Navy and Air force have also used regular Self Care Books like Healthier at Home and custom versions of Self Care Books designed specifically for their population. 


As the only provider of a Student Self Care Book, it is no surprise that hundreds of college campuses are providing these great resources to students away from home for the first time.   With many campuses facing problems with wait time in Health Services, or smaller Universities that don't have their own Student Health Service Department, it makes perfect sense to give students a tool to help them make better decisions about how to treat certain health issues.  The Student Self Care Book covers the health issues most commonly faced by adolescents on a college campus.